Active Living 11

Course code: MACLV11---
Credits: 4

Location:  Gym, Weight Room, Outside Fields, Various locations in and around Victoria

Active Living 11 focuses on the development of a personalized approach to healthy, active lifestyle. This course requires students to participate in a variety of sport and recreational activities that have the potential to engage students’ interest throughout their lives. Students will experience activities that include: team games, individual sports, and minor games that all emphasize recreational participation. Regular fitness activities will also be included. Students are given a choice of activities in order to give them a stake in their learning. This allows for a differentiated program that is tailored to student interest and skills. It will also provide students with opportunities to refine previously learned athletic skills and reinforce the attitudes/strategies learned in PE 9/10. * i.e. co-operation, teamwork, good sportsmanship, leadership, respect for individual differences, interpersonal relationships.

The student will learn to enjoy physical activities at the recreational level. They will learn rules, strategies, techniques and movement principles as they relate to various games and activities. Students will improve various social skills and will further their understanding of the terms fitness and health while applying this knowledge in life.

  • An understanding of the fundamental movements and skills required during game play.
  • A basic understanding of fitness programming.
  • Proper attire for each day (shorts/track pants, shirt/sweatshirt, supportive shoes, etc. ) Please note not to bring or wear inappropriate clothing.
  • Come to class on time and be prepared to start on time.
  • Apply strategies for promoting mental well-being, including strategies for developing and maintaining healthy relationships for self, and for others.