Arts Dramatique 9

Depending on the teacher’s background, students enrolled in this course will explore one of two elective subjects as described below.

Art Dramatique: Students will use drama elements, techniques and vocabulary to create mood and convey ideas including character, time, place, plot, tension, mood, focus and contrast using a variety of drama forms and drama conventions. They will learn the roles of performers and audiences in a variety of contexts, study traditional contemporary and Aboriginal worldviews and cross-cultural perspectives communicated through storytelling and drama. There will be a focus on personal and social responsibility associated with creating, performing and responding through drama.

Cinéma: Students will view, analyze, and create films in French during this course. The goal is to explore and identify the influences of social, cultural, and historical contexts in French film and to describe and analyze how meaning is communicated in film through techniques, movement, sound, image, structure, and form. The final project will be to plan, produce, and record a film collaboratively in the hopes of communicating an intended message to the audience.