Creative Writing 11

Credits: 4

Creative Writing 11 offers students an opportunity to further explore facets of creative writing and spoken language while addressing the Language Arts 11 Curricular Competencies. Students enrolled in this course will be provided with space to delve deeply into the creative writing process, experimenting with many different writing forms. Students will work together collaboratively, creating a supportive community of writers, in order to develop their skills in the writing and editing process. Further, this course will allow students to develop their spoken language skills, providing them with opportunities for spoken word performances, speeches, debates, and podcasts. This course will provide a challenge for those students looking to further develop their creative writing, and spoken language skills, while also exploring various forms of literature, and developing their compositional writing skills. Students who wish to take this course do not have to have taken Creative Writing and Spoken Language 10, but should have completed an English 10 course.