EFP: Literary Studies + Writing 11

Course code: MEFP-11---

EFP: Literary Studies + Writing 11 is the academic equivalent of English 11.  EFP 11 is intended for both indigenous and non-indigenous students. This course is designed for students who are interested in studying First Peoples literature and using writing for self-expression and communication in a variety of contexts. Students delve deeply into First Peoples oral and written literature in a range of media to explore various themes, authors, and topics. This provides a foundation for them to think critically and creatively as they continue to explore, extend, and strengthen their own writing. Through the study of literature and the processes of experimenting with, reflecting on, extending, and refining their writing, students:

  • extend their capacity to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts
  • deepen their understanding of themselves and the world
  • expand their understanding of what it means to be educated Canadian and global citizens