English Language Learners 10

The objectives of ELL 10 are to help students acquire proficiency in the English language and gain greater understanding of Canadian culture. The goal is to support the cognitive and academic growth of English Language Learners and to support the transition of these students into B.C. schools and their inclusion into and contribution to the ongoing development of Canadian society. The structure of each course can be divided into two major categories: Cultural Studies and Academic Literacy.


Cultural Studies

• Canadian culture

• Indigenous Perspectives

• School culture

• Multicultural

• B.C. culture

• History/Geography

• Culture and Communication

• Government: municipal, provincial, federal

• Media

• Significant Canadians


Academic Literacy

 • Oral language (receptive and expressive): grammar, vocabulary, narratives, etc.

• Written language (expressive and descriptive): grammar, vocabulary, etc.

• Text analysis

• Genre studies: working with a variety of texts to analyze the purpose, text organization, and language features, etc.

• Reading across the curriculum: Strategies and structures​