English Studies 12 Linear

Credits: 8

1 block each semester

The required English Studies 12 course is paired with Learning Strategies 12 on alternating days for the whole year in order to give extra support and time for students. The linear course builds on and extends students’ previous learning experiences in ELA and EFP 10 and 11 courses. Linear English Studies 12 will take up TWO blocks of a student’s timetable and is worth 8 credits. Students will be held to the same standard as regular English Studies 12. It is designed for all students and provides them with opportunities to:

·         refine their ability to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and to achieve their personal and career goals

·         think critically and creatively about the uses of language

·         explore texts from a variety of sources, in multiple modes, and that reflect diverse worldviews

·         deepen their understanding of themselves and others in a changing world

·         gain insight into the diverse factors that shape identity

·         appreciate the importance of self-representation through text

·         contribute to Reconciliation by building greater understanding of the knowledge and perspectives of First Peoples

·         expand their understanding of what it means to be educated Canadian and global citizens