Foundations of Math 12

Credits: 4

1 semester

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Foundations of Math 11.

Recommendation:  A minimum of 73% (B) in FOM 11.

This course is intended for students with at least a moderate math ability that may require Pre-Calculus 11 for entry into a postsecondary program.  Although it is solely the student’s responsibility to research what their prerequisite courses are for postsecondary, in general, programs will require Pre-Calculus 11 or FOM 12, for non-STEM and non-trades career pathways. (note: STEM careers will require Pre-Calculus 12 and possibly Calculus 12. Trades pathways only require Workplace math. Also worth noting, Chemistry 12 requires an understanding of logarithms which is only taught in Pre-Calculus 12.)

Students may also wish to take FOM 12 as an additional course to add to their list of Academic 12s needed for entry into universities. Universities vary from requiring a minimum of 4 Academic 12 courses to a high of 6. Students may use FOM 12 and Pre-Calculus 12 in their top Academic 12 course average.

Also, students and home-fronts should know that Esquimalt will attempt to run Foundations of Mathematics 12, beginning in the 2018/2019 school year. For many students, FOM 12 will be an easier pathway to take compared to the Pre-Calculus 11 pathway.  Please note that FOM 12 will only run if there is enough interest.

Many of the course topics will focus on real world situations and students will be expected to complete class/homework on a daily basis.

Topics may include: geometric explorations: constructions, conics, fractals; graphical representations of polynomial, logarithmic, exponential, and sinusoidal functions; regression analysis; combinatorics; odds, probability and expected value; financial planning