Foundations of Mathematics 11

Course code: MFOM-11---
Credits: 4

1 semester

This course is intended for students with moderate math ability, or those wishing to take a preparatory course for Pre-calculus 11.  Students will review math concepts covered in previous grades with an emphasis on improving algebraic and computational skills. Many of the course topics will focus on real world situations and students will be expected to complete class/homework on a daily basis.

Upon successful completion of this course,  students will have achieved graduation requirements for their mathematics and will no longer be required to take mathematics in high school.

Although FOM 11 is widely accepted at postsecondary institutions, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary course for their postsecondary program. At the present time, for example, if a student wishes to earn a  bachelor degree in Music from UVIC, FOM 11 is acceptable, whereas at UBC, FOM 11 is not sufficient.

Also, students and home-fronts should know that Esquimalt will attempt to run Foundations of Mathematics 12, beginning in the 2018/2019 school year. This is important to know because most, if not all, programs that require Pre-Calculus 11 (such as the UBC School of Music), will accept FOM 12 instead. For many students, FOM 12 will be an easier pathway to take compared to the Pre-Calculus pathway.  Please note that FOM 12 will only run if there is enough interest.

Topics may include: forms of mathematical reasoning; angle relationships; graphical analysis: linear inequalities, quadratic functions, systems of equations, optimization; applications of statistics; scale models; financial literacy: compound interest, investments and loans