Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10

Course code: MFMP-10---
Credits: 4

1 semester

Recommendation: 70% or higher in Mathematics 9. Students who wish to stay in the academic pathway for mathematics but are between 60- 70% in Math 9, may wish to take LINEAR FPC Math 10 as an alternative. Students between 50-60% in Math 9 should upgrade their Math 9 mark before entering FPC Math 10 or take Workplace Math 10.

FPC Mathematics 10 is an academic pathway for students wishing to move on to Foundations 11 and/or Pre-Calculus 11.  These mathematics courses are prerequisites for students intending to pursue academic programs at the college or university level. Students are expected to complete between 20 to 40 minutes of math homework each school night, although some students who have struggled with math historically may require more time.  The pace of this 5-month course can be difficult to manage, for students with lower marks coming from Mathematics 9. It is highly recommended that a Learning Strategies block and/or a tutor be utilized, should students need additional time to complete the practice work. Also, students are encouraged to consider Linear FPC Math 10.

Topics may include: operations on powers with integral exponents; prime factorization; functions and relations: connecting data, graphs, and situations; linear functions: slope and equations of lines; arithmetic sequences; systems of linear equations; multiplication of polynomial expressions; polynomial factoring; primary trigonometric ratios; financial literacy: gross and net pay