Indigenous Humanities (English 9 and Social Studies 9)

The Junior Land-Based Learning combines English Language Arts and Socials Studies curriculum that is delivered through a year- long linear class.

The Land-Based class is rooted in Indigenous Ways of Knowing and will therefore incorporate outdoor education while simultaneously fostering strong partnerships with our local nations. Some of the overarching goals of this class are to increase academic resilience, improve study habits and develop strong literacy skills which are necessary to successfully reach the English and Socials Studies learning outcomes of this course, and future courses.

Some of the topics investigated in this course are: identity, worldviews and perspectives, and the influences of power, culture and the physical environment on shaping society. Students will learn through exploring various texts, media, outdoor education and community connections, while developing their reading, writing and oral communication skills.

While this course will be rigorous and require students to be prepared for both in-classroom and out-of-classroom activities, students will also develop a strong sense of place and self within the broader community. Land-Based Learning is open to all students.