Integrated Studies 12

Credits: 4

This course is required for students accepted into Esquimalt’s Challenge program. It will become available in the 2020-2021 school year.

Integrated Studies 12 offers students an opportunity for significant academic enrichment within the Challenge Program.  The course seeks to engage students in serious inquiry into both well-established and emergent subject areas that are not addressed in other subject classes.  Topics under consideration will integrate multiple disciplines and ways of knowing, thereby allowing students to engage in a complex examination of who and how they are in the world.

Integrated Studies 12 is comprised of four discrete units of study, all or some of which may be delivered during the course.  All units seek to enhance students’ academic prowess and provide students with a broad base of skills and subject knowledge which may be applicable across future studies, careers, and life pursuits.

Units of study include:

  • Archaeology: 13,000 years in BC
  • History in Art: Social Movements of the 20th C
  • Anthropology: The Future
  • Theories of Success
  • Student Project
  • TEDesq Talk