Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10: Linear

Course code: MFMP-10--L
Credits: 4

This is a linear course.

Recommendation: 60% or higher in Mathematics 9. Students between 50-60% in Math 9 should upgrade their Math 9 mark before entering FPC Math 10 or take Workplace Math 10.

FPC Mathematics 10 is an academic pathway for students wishing to move on to Foundations 11 and/or Pre-calculus 11.  These mathematics courses are prerequisites for students intending to pursue academic programs at the college or university level.


Linear FPC Math 10 is designed to be delivered over a 10-month school year, for students who are able to learn the concepts, but require more time to learn the concepts. Within the course, homework time is amply built in, thus minimizing solo practice at home. Also, retesting will be accommodated before each reporting period, giving students a second chance on a unit, right before report cards come home. It is hoped that some students opting for Linear, will not require a Learning Strategies block, thus allowing students to keep their elective blocks open. Linear Math 10 will consume TWO blocks of a student’s timetable. Students will be held to the same standard as regular FPC Math 10, and will write the same Final Exam.

Topics may include: operations on powers with integral exponents; prime factorization; functions and relations: connecting data, graphs, and situations; linear functions: slope and equations of lines; arithmetic sequences; systems of linear equations; multiplication of polynomial expressions; polynomial factoring; primary trigonometric ratios; financial literacy: gross and net pay