Mathematics 9 : Linear

Course code: MMA--09--L

2 semesters

Prerequisite: Completion of Mathematics 8 or Math 9 Adapted with teacher’s recommendation.

The Linear version of Mathematics 9 is designed to be delivered over a 10-month school year, for students who are able to learn the concepts but require more time to learn the concepts. Within the course, homework time is amply built in, thus minimizing solo practice at home. Also, retesting will be accommodated before each reporting period, giving students a second chance on a unit, right before report cards come home.  Linear Math 9 will consume TWO blocks of a student’s timetable. Students will be held to the same standard as regular Math 9 students and will write the same final exam.

Topics may include:  operations with rational numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and order of operations); exponents and exponent laws with whole-number exponents; operations with polynomials, of degree less than or equal to 2; two-variable linear relations, using graphing, interpolation, and extrapolation; multi-step one-variable linear equations; spatial proportional reasoning; statistics in society; financial literacy — simple budgets and transactions