Mathematics 9: Adapted

1 Semester (course runs in Semester 1)

Students recommended by their middle school will be offered an adapted course that reviews and builds on the Grade 8 curriculum.

At the present time, both Numeracy 9 and Mathematics 9 Adapted are being offered using the ALEKS Adaptive Learning software. Each student will write an assessment test (no multiple choice) that will determine exactly what they know. ALEKS will then create a learning pathway for that student to reach the learning outcomes of the course. This pathway adapts continually as answers are entered into the program. The teacher will monitor the class and teach lessons to small groups of students and individuals, as required. As more topics are achieved as a class, incentive prizes will be awarded. Individual milestones will be acknowledged, that incorporate students’ effort and attendance.

Students will be graded according to how far they have progressed, as opposed to what grade level they reached.  On the student’s final report card, their next course will be recommended based on their final grade level in mathematics.  Therefore, it is possible for a student to have an A-standing in Adapted Math 9, yet still not be mathematically ready to enter Regular Math 9 should they still be below a Grade 8 level of mathematics.

Alternatively, it is also possible for students to complete Adapted Math 9 AND begin previewing the regular Mathematics 9 curriculum in one semester, thus being more mathematically ready for regular Math 9.

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Please contact Dana Bjornson, should you have any questions.