Mathematics 9: CHALLENGE

Course code: MMA--09C-

1 semester

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Mathematics 8 AND being accepted into the Esquimalt High Challenge Program for gifted, talented and creative students.

The Challenge version of Mathematics 9 is designed to cover the same topics as regular Math 9, however, it will be delivered at a slightly faster pace.  With the extra time, the teacher will preview topics in Mathematics 10 and optional units chosen by the Challenge class. Optional units can include; circle geometry, statistics, probability, and factoring.

Some time will be spent practicing for the Waterloo math contests, although participants should know that the contest is run at the end of February and participation is optional.  Students are advised to be practising throughout the school year and are encouraged to bring questions to their math teachers, past, present or future. Click here to access practice math contests. Students may be asked to pay $5 to cover the fee of the contest.

Topics may include:  operations with rational numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and order of operations); exponents and exponent laws with whole-number exponents; operations with polynomials, of degree less than or equal to 2; two-variable linear relations, using graphing, interpolation, and extrapolation; multi-step one-variable linear equations; spatial proportional reasoning; statistics in society; financial literacy — simple budgets and transactions