Mathematics 9

Course code: MMA--09--

1 semester

Prerequisite: Completion of Mathematics 8 or Math 9 Adapted with teacher’s recommendation.
The Mathematics 9 course is intended to build on Mathematics 8 skills and introduce further skills needed for completion of high school mathematics.

Topics may include:  operations with rational numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and order of operations); exponents and exponent laws with whole-number exponents; operations with polynomials, of degree less than or equal to 2; two-variable linear relations, using graphing, interpolation, and extrapolation; multi-step one-variable linear equations; spatial proportional reasoning; statistics in society; financial literacy — simple budgets and transactions

In order to ensure success in mathematics, the math department recommends that students wishing to proceed to Pre-calculus / Foundations 10 achieve at least 65% in Math 9.