Outdoor Education 11-12

Credits: 4

This course has been developed to provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge and skills in the areas of outdoor recreational activities, outdoor leadership and recreation management. The program will examine career opportunities in education, recreation, and the expanding eco-adventure industry. Also, students will be provided an opportunity to explore the many aspects of first aid training and certification with a focus on athletic injuries, tournament organization, and management, refereeing, volunteering for various athletic events in and around the community, introduction to various lifetime activities. Students achieving at least seventy percent will receive their first aid certification through St. John Ambulance and will be given instruction on treating athletic injuries. Students will be required to volunteer at least one hundred hours during many events provided, such as; school tournaments, school intramural leagues, local elementary intramural leagues, and community events. The program will include many activities outside of school, such as; rock climbing, sailing White Sail II, introduction to canoeing, kayaking, disc golfing, golfing, mountain biking, strength and conditioning training, leadership training, orienteering, scuba diving, hiking, backpacking, skating, and skiing or snowboarding. Students will discuss and practice leadership skills and learn to work as a team with a focus on helping the local community. This is reflected in the learning outcomes which involve Social and Community Issues and Kinesthetic learning as well as developing interpersonal skills. The course will provide students the opportunity to develop their Social skills as well as help advance the athletic skills of students in the community and their own with the opportunity to volunteer their time and knowledge.