Peer Tutoring 10-12

Credits: 4

Course Synopsis:

Peer Tutoring is designed to give committed, motivated students the opportunity to help others learn and develop their potential.  Through this service to the school community, the tutors will acquire skills and knowledge in the areas of learning styles, teaching strategies, motivational techniques, communication skills, study habits, record keeping, and marketing/promoting of the program.  Not only will this reinforce their own learning, but will also allow them the opportunity to acquire evidence and documentation to add to their graduation portfolios or workplace resume.

Goals and Rationale:

This course has been developed to provide opportunities for peer tutors to serve their schools in a variety of contexts through striving to bring out the best in others as they assist in the learning process.  Students learn in a variety of ways and at different rates. The personal one-on-one or small-group learning support and encouragement from peers can often be a key to their academic success. By fostering the conditions necessary for students to develop their academic potential within a secure and caring environment, tutors can raise the self-esteem of the learners and potentially, the morale of the entire student population.

Are you a potential Peer Tutor?

If you can read, then YES! We can use Peer Tutors in every subject, not just academic courses. Students do not have to tutor in subjects that they are not comfortable with. Some tutors will work 1 – 5 days per week in a class, others will work at our Help Desks and some tutors help clients after school, weekends, whenever!

The commitment is a minimum of 90 minutes per week and the course runs over 10 months. 30% of your grade is from reflections and start-up assignments. 70% of your grade is from tutoring.