Physical and Health Education 9-12 Aquatics

Credits: 4

This course is being offered to Esquimalt High School students in partnership with Esquimalt Recreation. It is a PE 9-12 offering that has an aquatics focus, specifically, students will get all the certification needed  to become a lifeguard. Students will spend three classes a week in certification classes at Esquimalt Recreation pool and two days a week in fitness training.

The lifeguard certification is made up the following components:


Recognized as the standard measure of lifeguard performance in Canada, National Lifeguard education is designed to develop a sound understanding of lifeguarding principles, good judgment, and a mature and responsible attitude toward the role of the lifeguard.

It is important to note for all required courses, 100% attendance and active participation is required. There are no exceptions made to age prerequisites. See the steps below for what is takes to become a certified lifeguard:

Excellent attendance and participation are expected of students. There is no cost for this certification. Students will receive PE 9, 10, 11 or 12 credit as well as their certifications. This course will take place in second semester. Please see the following link for more information about the certification courses through Esquimalt Recreation: