Physical and Health Education 9

Course code: MPHE-09---

Location:  Gym, Weight Room, Outside Fields, Various locations in and around Victoria

The course reviews and refines all the basic movement skills developed during the earlier grades. It presents all students with a wide variety of activities in competitive, individual and team sports. PHE 9 may ask students to analyze mental well-being, including healthy sexual decision making, and potential short and long term consequences of decision making related to health of self and others. Activities during PHE 9 may include fitness, dance, volleyball, basketball, badminton, softball, soccer, rugby, football, field hockey, minor (lead-up) games, track and field, etc.

Proper P.E. strip is required for each class. Shorts or track pants, a T-shirt and running shoes are needed. Students should be prepared to go outside. Physical Education is an activity-based course where regular participation is a basic requirement. When a student is unable to take part in a class because of illness or injury, a parental note or phone call explaining the problem must be given to the teacher on that day for the student to be excused.


The student will learn to enjoy physical activities at a competitive and recreational level.  They will learn rules, strategies, techniques and movement principles as they relate to various games and activities. Students will improve various social skills, i.e. co-operation, teamwork, good sportsmanship, leadership, and respect for individual differences. Students will develop an understanding of the terms fitness and health and will know how to apply this knowledge to everyday living.


  • Proper attire for each day (shorts/track pants, shirt/sweatshirt, supportive shoes, etc.
  • Please note not to bring or wear inappropriate clothing.
  • Be punctual and prepared to start on time.
  • Analyze strategies for promoting mental well-being, including strategies for developing and maintaining healthy relationships for self, and for others.