Physics 11

Physics 11 focuses on understanding natural forces and the motion of objects.  This continues the physics curriculum from Science 9 and Science 10, investigating electrical circuits and their components, and kinetic and potential energies.  Additional topics include describing the motion of objects in a single dimension, calculating different forces of nature, and understanding momentum.  Optional topics include quantum theory and special relativity.  

​Successful completion of Foundations/Pre-Calculus Math 10 is required before taking Physics 11.  Students who do not achieve at least 70% as a final mark in FPC Math 10 tend to not be successful in Physics 11.  Students will be required to apply their preexisting knowledge of algebra, graphical analysis, trigonometry and linear equations from the onset of Physics 11. Students with Workplace 10 or 11 will not have the mathematical background needed to be successful in this course.