Pre-Calculus 11 Flex Studies

Course code: MPREC11F
Credits: 4

This course will cover the same topics as the regular version of Pre-Calculus 11, however, it will be delivered a flipped learning model in combination with the WCLN Distance Learning course for PC 11.

Each day, students will scribe notes from a flipped lesson that will be found on the school’s Moodle platform. As students are working on the unit that they are personally ready for, the teacher will teach lessons to small groups of students and individuals. Although the course will end at the regular semester’s end point, it is possible for the student to have additional time to work on the course after the course has ended. Students can continue their studies in a Math Hub or Learning Strategies block or potentially on their own, outside of the timetable. Students will be assessed on their practice work, quizzes, unit tests, midterms and a final exam. Upon completion of this course, students may opt to continue to Pre-Calculus Math 12.