Pre-Calculus 11

Course code: MPREC11---
Credits: 4

Recommended Prerequisite: Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10, with a grade of B or higher.

This course is intended for students continuing on to the Pre-Calculus 12 course. It is best suited for mathematically capable, hard-working students and requires a significant time commitment outside of class each day (30-60 minutes per night). Students must master many problem-solving skills and amass a large repertoire of problem-solving experience in order to be successful in Pre-Calculus 12.

Topics include: Real number system; powers with rational exponents; radical operations and equations; polynomial factoring; rational expressions and equations; quadratic functions and equations; linear and quadratic inequalities; trigonometry: non-right triangles and angles in standard position; financial literacy: compound interest, investments, loans.

Pre-Calculus 11 prepares students for graduation and for Pre-Calculus 12. Students exiting Pre-Calculus 11 with an A or B standing generally have enough understanding to be successful in Pre-Calculus 12. Pre-Calculus 12 is not a graduation requirement although many programs in postsecondary STEM, business and health fields require PC Math 12. Students are encouraged to upgrade their PC Math 11 mark if it is below a B standing and they require PC Math 12 for postsecondary.