Pre-Calculus 11

Course code: MPREC11---
Credits: 4

1 semester

Recommendation: A minimum of 73% (B) in FPC Math 10. Should students not have this grade, completing FOM 11 prior to Pre-Calculus 11 is recommended or retaking FPC Math 10 for a higher grade.

This course is best suited for mathematically capable, hard-working students and requires a significant time commitment outside of class each day (30-60 minutes per night). Note that this time estimate does not include additional time for review and test preparation and will vary depending on individual ability. Students must master many problem-solving skills and amass a large repertoire of problem-solving approaches in order to be successful in Pre-calculus 12 and Calculus 12.

Upon successful completion of this course,  students will have achieved graduation requirements for their mathematics and will no longer be required to take mathematics in high school, although postsecondary programs may require higher levels..

Also, students and homefronts should know that Esquimalt will attempt to run Foundations of Mathematics 12, beginning in the 2018/2019 school year. This is important to know because most, if not all, programs that require Pre-Calculus 11 (such as the UBC School of Music, for example), will accept FOM 12 instead. For many students, FOM 12 will be an easier pathway to take compared to the Pre-Calculus pathway.  Please note that FOM 12 will only run if there is enough interest.

Topics may include: real number system; powers with rational exponents; radical operations and equations; polynomial factoring; rational expressions and equations; quadratic functions and equations; linear and quadratic inequalities; trigonometry: non-right triangles and angles in standard position; financial literacy: compound interest, investments, loans