Pre-Calculus 12

Course code: MPREC12---
Credits: 4

1 semester

Recommendation: Pre-calculus 11, with a grade of 73% or higher.

Pre-calculus 12 is best suited for mathematically capable, hard-working students and it will require a significant amount of work outside of class each day (30-60 minutes per night). Note that this time estimate does not include additional time for review and test preparation and will vary depending on individual ability. Students must master many problem-solving skills and amass a large repertoire of problems in order to be successful in Calculus. This course continues to build on algebraic skills learned in previous courses and extends them.

It is not possible to take Pre-Calculus 12 in the same semester as Calculus 12. Students must ensure that they take Pre-Calculus 12 BEFORE Calculus 12.

Topics may include: transformations of functions and relations; exponential functions and equations; geometric sequences and series; logarithms: operations, functions, and equations;

Polynomial functions and equations; rational functions; trigonometry: functions, equations, and identities