Social Studies 10

Course code: MSS--10---

Canada and the World: 1919 to the Present

With the new curriculum, the following four Big Ideas will be included in Socials 10:  Global and regional conflicts have been a powerful force in shaping our contemporary world and identities, the development of political institutions is influenced by economic, social, ideological, and geographic factors, worldviews lead to different perspectives and ideas about developments in Canadian society, historical and contemporary injustices challenge the narrative and identity of Canada as an inclusive, multicultural society.

Learning standards include:

  • development, structure, and function of Canadian and other political institutions, including First Peoples governance
  • political and economic ideologies and the development of public policy
  • changing conceptions of identity in Canada • Canadian autonomy
  • domestic conflict and co-operation
  •  discriminatory policies and injustices in Canada and the world, such as the Head Tax, the Komagata Maru incident, residential schools, and internments
  • international conflicts and co-operation
  •  human–environment interaction
  • economic development and Canada’s role in a global economy
  • truth and reconciliation in Canada