Workplace Math 10

Course code: MWPM-10--
Credits: 4

Recommendation: Completion of Math 9 Adapted or Math 9

This course focuses on mathematics for life skills as well as practical skills for some trades.

Traditionally, students who have earned a C- in Mathematics 9 transition successfully to Workplace 10. Although this is an easier course than FPC Math 10, it covers an entirely different set of concepts and does NOT prepare students for FPC Math 10.  Students who struggled in Math 9 who wish to take the more academic math stream of Foundations/Pre-Calculus should retake Math 9.

Upon successful completion of this course,  students will continue on to Workplace Math 11.

Topics may include: create, interpret, and critique graphs; primary trigonometric ratios; metric and imperial measurement and conversions; surface area and volume; central tendency; experimental probability; financial literacy: gross and net pay