Yoga and Mindfullness 12

Credits: 4

This course would allow students to dive deeper into their inward journey.  Yoga not only focuses on physical postures to improve physical health, but also focuses on the mind, and emotions.  Students will work to gain a heightened awareness of their own mind/body connection. They will work toward bringing a greater sense of balance into their lives which will help lead to improved overall well-being.  Feeling aligned this way creates a calming self-assured sense of being. Students will experience Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin styles of Yoga in a comfortable and safe space with inspirational music.  Students will use meditation techniques, breathing exercises, grounding and proper body alignment to practice safely on a daily basis. The students will experience a variety of mindfulness exercises to bring them more in to their bodies and minds. We will also study more advanced anatomy, injury prevention and care, the nervous system (with an emphasis on the parasympathetic nervous system and the polyvagal theory) and the history/philosophy of yoga. This course will also incorporate an inquiry project so that students have a choice to explore a topic of choice in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Some of the physical benefits of yoga include increased strength, muscle tone, balance, flexibility, athletic performance, improved posture, weight management, reduced tension, pain, blood pressure and stress, detoxification of muscles and organs, improved digestion, circulation, immunity and sleep regulation, deep relaxation and improved energy levels.

Some of the mental benefits of yoga include improved concentration, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-regulation, stress and anxiety management, intuition, memory, confidence and calmness along with unlocked energy flow and relief from worrying. Through the practice of yoga, students will learn to tune into their needs rather than zoning out and they will gain a better understanding of how and why moving the body helps to release tension and create space.